Cerveja (048) or only ZEROQUATROOITO has been our partner since day one. The brewery began with Cláudio, an engineer who developed unique, compact home brewing equipment to sell for beer enthusiasts and breweries looking for a way to produce small test batches.
Cláudio ran multiple experiments to test his equipment, improving both his recipes and hardware with each iteration. The results were so good he decided to pivot the company from building equipment to making a unique local beer.
We worked with the team at (048) to bring to the visual identity and labels both the company's engineering background and this sense of a fine-tuned, perfected recipe. For the Cerveja (048) labels we explored textures and finishes as local UV and metallic colors to bring a sophisticated touch for the packaging.
We also brought all the ingredients used in the recipe to the front of the packaging showing the quality of the product and no fear to share our secrets, (048) is always innovating and one step further in the game.

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