The challenge was to create an identity and packaging that felt premium, healthy and natural. In addition, dates and their by-products aren't common in Brazil and the syrup will compete with more familiar sweeteners, such as honey and coconut sugar.

Design principles:
Exotic – the product is made of premium dates imported from Israel.
Neutral – the product can be used to sweeten a wide variety of dishes without changing the resulting flavour.
Benign – date syrup is healthier than honey and many other sweeteners.
Premium – because of its higher cost, customers should know they're purchasing a superior quality product.

We decided to target the identity and label to a health- and environment-conscious audience that can pay a premium for alternatives to sugar. So we made sure to convey a gentle, benign and premium feel to the product. The glass bottle was chosen for its charming and friendly form and due to it being fully recyclable. The colour palette and forms were selected to convey similar attributes, but also a sense of neutral, slightly  chocolate-like flavour. Finally, this being a pioneering product in the Brazilian market, we decided to include information about the benefits of date syrup.

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